A Gift of Love

This past week we have had such beautiful weather in Glen Haven and we were very fortunate to capitalize on it to make the critical repairs to the beam and foundation on the southern side of the Inn. Pictured above is stone mason Bill Love, a former National Park Service employee and expert in his field, Bill donated his time and talent to repair this wall and teach George, Jeff and me his craft so we can work on the western wall repair. Over his years of service, Bill worked on many historic and important structures all over the United States and the tools he used on our repair he used on the Lincoln Monument! Our most sincere thanks to Bill Love and for his valuable gift!

While Bill worked on the exterior wall, George completed the interior side of the wall and sealed the gap between the beam. George cut to fit and installed the 10×10 inch beam to replace the badly deteriorated one that had been damaged by the concrete pad that was lipped up to the side of the building for many years. This critical combination of beam and wall were essential to stabilizing the rest of the western wing of the Inn and moved the project forward exponentially!