Beam Me Up

Beam Me Up, Georgie!

Beam Me UpBy far, the worst and most rotten part of the Inn was the western grade beam. A concrete porch had been lipped up to the side of the Inn while years of rainwater and moisture became trapped in the beam with nowhere to go. The beam had twisted under the pressure and buckled the floor in the dining room.

In the foreground of this photo you can see the remnants of the concrete porch that had to be chipped away from the siding and rock foundation before the rotten beam could be removed. A brand new 17 foot hemlock beam was hewn by Housler Sawmill in Mesick and nudged into place by our friends from SEEDS. You can see George inside the Inn guiding the beam into place. With the beam replaced, we are able to straighten the remainder of the Inn which had sagged a whopping 3.5 inches!

Did you know…

That an hour of volunteer work is valued at $29.95? Volunteers are the backbone of most non-profits including ours. Collectively, just over $60,000 has been donated to BEAR from our volunteers.