Old Sign

I’ll Be Back

Old SignThank you to a generous donor who was too late to fund a replacement tree, but stepped up to fund the replication of this historic sign. Legendary Leelanau County sign painter Dennis Gerathy has been commissioned to build and paint a copy of this historic sign that hung outside of the Inn for decades. The Park had placed the original sign in their collection making it unavailable to us for reuse however thanks to our donor and Dennis, it will live on. We also had another donor who wished to fund a tree also pivot and is funding the sign holder. Please look for this sign out front of the Inn later this summer.

Progress has been moving quickly at the Inn and Garage since the temperature has inched slowly upward. Our plumber/mechanical contractor has completed much of his rough installation at the Inn and our electrician has begun the process for his work as well. The fire suppression contractor will be back at the end of the month to complete his installation and our excavator has told us we will be first on his list this spring to square away our septic system.

We are working with Glen Arbor Northwoods Hardware Garden Center to obtain our trees and shrubs that will be planted around the Inn this spring. They are terrific to work with and we could not be more grateful for Chris Skellenger’s guidance. We are also planting beachgrass on much of the north facing yard which we are purchasing from the Leelanau Conservation District’s spring sale. Many thanks to all who have donated to our landscape plan! There are many other opportunities for sponsorship! If you are interested please email me at info@sleepingbearinn.org.