Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day Greetings

Happy Memorial DayJeff from Northwoods Hardware in Glen Arbor dropped off 30 low-grow sumac plants and 3 rose plants a few days ago and thanks to several volunteers, we were able to plant them all by the Memorial Holiday weekend. Phyllis and I started removing the grass and the next day, Steve, Peg, Dave and John continued the work. On the third day, Peg returned and we were joined by Sharon and David. We have added 4 yards of mulch to the 5 new beds we created to surround the eastern and northern sides of the Inn and lined the beds with rocks that we found around the Inn.

Thank you to the volunteers that helped; so many visitors to Glen Haven this weekend have commented on how terrific it looks!

As our subcontractors have wrapped up their respective parts of the project, George has been busy replacing the windows and siding getting the Inn ready for insulation. We will also be getting ready to paint the interiors of the two second story Garage apartments.